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Can I Speak Mentorship Program

The Can I Speak Program Is geared toward Youth and young adults but is also for anyone of any age that is interested. Now more then ever so many people especially our youth and young adults struggle with finding purpose and with identity. The Can I Speak Mentors focus on helping our mentees really dive deep in so many areas. Coping and Life Skills, Goal Setting and Achievement, Finding Purpose and Finding Strengths and Weaknesses, Deeper Spiritual Growth, Entrepreneurship With Kingdom Principles, Self Development and Servant Leadership along With Honoring Their Parents and Respecting Others and Leadership. We really focus on helping all of our mentees become the absolute best version of themselves. We do offer private one on one sessions as well as small group sessions. Whichever is preferred we can accommodate . 

Kids in Library

The Mentors 

Cornelius and Dayna Lewis are a husband and wife team that are youth specialists with a combined 20+ years working with youth and young adults from all walks of life. They have vast experience working with individuals transitioning from prison and juvenile facilities, inner city youth as well as suburban families and individuals from single parent homes. 

Excited Children in Science Class

Can I Speak Program Rates

Individual Rate- $60 for 1 two hour session for one person or $200 for 4 sessions per month.

2 Person Rate- $100 for one two hour session for two people or $300 for 4 sessions per month

3 Person Rate- $140 for one two hour session for three people or $360 for 4 sessions per month

4 Person Rate- $160 for one two hour session for four people or $420 for 4 sessions per month

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