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About Our Ministry

The Never Fold Movement was founded in 2020. Bridging the gap between the church house and the streets. We have a sole purpose and God given assignment of giving back to the under served communities and the parts of the country that most other ministries aren't comfortable going. Late nights in areas where gun fire is present, drug dealers are serving addicts and women are walking the streets. Feeding and clothing the homeless, outreaches in untouched neighborhoods and going into prisons and juveniles. We will go anywhere the Holy Spirit leads us.

It's all a labor of love. To be able to do the small things like paying for meals of the elderly eating alone, groceries for people struggling to by the bare essentials, going into laundry mats and paying for their laundry, winning souls and making sure that they know Jesus loves them and what the Word of God says about them. Our goal is to love on people with the love of Christ.

We hold outreaches all over the country. At every outreach we provide free clothes, hot food and cold drinks, Bibles, toys for every child along with baby necessities, resources and coats, school supplies or whatever the need may be. 

We also disciple the inner city and at risk youth. Not only do we provide jobs for them during the summer we teach them entrepreneurship with biblical principles, We get them in the Word doing bible studies, teaching them what the Word of God says about them. We teach them how to pray for themselves and others as well as respect, integrity, how to speak life over themselves, hygiene and things that are vital and important to being successful, things the worldly culture doesn't teach. Our goal is to teach them before they get caught up in the streets or to even help them get out. Giving them the uncompromising Word of God and experiences they would normally never have because of their circumstances.

One of the other things Never Fold Movement does, is work directly with churches and ministries that have never really done or had a focus on outreaches in their cities underserved communities. We teach how to organize and execute and produce great fruit. From how to soul win, to door knocking and flyering the community to share an upcoming outreach. As well as how to reach out and partner with businesses in the areas to get donations and sponsorships. 

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